Powerful features
for better conversations

Merge your communication platform with your CRM and other support systems


Design your 360 customer view

Increase productivity and improve customer experience.

Single interface

When receiving calls relevant information is directly displayed from your CRM system in a single interface. See all relevant information from your CRM system in real time

Data from multiple systems

Have information from you own and other systems at your disposal without touching any key. Put customer information from sources like Clearbit into action.

Your customized dashboard

See information how you want it, when you want it. Your Toastar dashboard perfectly fits your needs and requirements.

Master incoming calls

Put customer information into action in real-time.

Call identification

Instantly recognize your customer. See all relevant information from your CRM system in real time.

Call forwarding

Reduce time wasted navigating across multiple systems. Easily forward an announced call to an internal contact form within your company.

Call logging

Have an overview of recent conversations. Capture all interactions and enable seamless note taking synced back to your CRM.

Be more productive

Integrate workflows and data across multiple systems.

Easy search

In the Toastar search window you can quickly find your CRM contacts. To find the contact information you can use both the name and phone number of the contact you are searching for.

Click to dial

Select a phone number on your screen and use the hotkey F8 to immediately start a phone conversation.

Task forwarding

If a co-worker is not available, agents can quickly create a call-back note. All relevant customer data is filled in automatically with the request to call back.

Work with actionable insights

Improve through deep customer insights at the point of interaction.

Call centre dashboard

Enhance your team's productivity by keeping track of missed calls and call load. All information is shown on TV's in clear graphics.

Analytics and reporting

Toastar helps you to convert CRM and telephony data into meaningful insights and analysis.

Monitor customer satisfaction

You can immediately see how satisfied your customers are with our InSocial option.

Integrate your systems

Leverage your existing CRM and telephony systems for better conversations.

Works with your CRM

Connect Toastar with your current CRM system. Toastar works with major CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

Works with your telecom system

Connect Toastar with your current telecom system. If a connection with your current system is not available, our developers are ready to design one for you.

Developer ready

Toastar offers developers many options. Our technical support team is available to work with you to meet additional needs.

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