A sales team's best friend

Toastar integrates your telephony platform with your CRM system and provides an instant 360 degree client view.


Power your sales rep productivity

See recent conversations, sales opportunities and critical information in real time.

timeline view

Eliminate data entry

Efficiently capture all interactions and enable seamless note taking synced back to your CRM.


Connect all your sales tools

Unify your sales technology stack and create a full sales picture.

presentation slide

Forecast with dashboards

Stay on the sales fast track with dashboards that enable you to keep track of sales opportunities and pipeline.

master roadmapping

Integrates with your current systems

Toastar integrates with top leading sales tools

What are sales teams saying

An amazing tool for our sales organization. Toastar is essential to my day-to-day sales functions. It automatically shows the contact's name for an incoming and outgoing call if the number is in the system. Call notes appear to remind you of previous conversations with clients, which in turn, causes you to follow up on any outstanding opportunies”

"Toastar is a great sales tool. The ability to log calls automatically is perfect. It is amazing that I can do so much in such little screenspace. I love how every call is broken down to show the duration, who called who, and which calls were successfully connected. This helps me track my performance ”

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